Samruddhi Mulye

HR Leader

I am Samruddhi Mulye, HR leader with 22 years of experience across industries. It has been an honor for me to be named the ‘Most Fabulous HR Leader in 2020’ besides the winning of the Global Excellence Award in HR Leadership in 2018 and the HR Super Achievers Award in 2017.

My Passions and Persona

My love for storytelling and socializing led me to HR – I call it Human Relationships Management, not Human Resources Management. It is what I do at home and at work. My naturally outgoing and friendly demeanor helps me connect with and relate to people effortlessly – a key attribute that has driven my career.

Things I have done and can do

It is fair to equate my career to a rollercoaster ride; swift migration from being a manager to turning an advisor, to donning the hat of a team lead, to assuming the role of head of HR. I have also helped SMEs set up and strengthen their HR functions. My experiences across roles and industries have enabled me to grow as a professional and as a person as well. With limitless opportunities to explore, I have much to offer to enterprises and professionals pursuing human excellence.

Area of Expertise

Having worked for over two decades in the HR domain, I have gathered knowledge, experience, and expertise at organizations ranging from upstarts to transnational corporations.

I am passionate about designing new and agile frameworks that are specific to organizational and industrial requirements. I enjoy working on performance management, deriving performance metrics, and devising rewards and benefits strategy. Over the years, I have also added a cutting edge to talent acquisition processes, especially for unorganized sectors and global contingencies. Upskilling and re-skilling employees through various training and development programs comes naturally to me. As an HR professional, I have devoted myself to building emotionally-efficient and resilient teams across enterprises. People analytics and digitization of HR operations are functionalities that I have steadfastly and passionately delivered to enterprises.

Every aspect of human resources and relations spurs me to perpetually get better at what I do.

Awards and Accolades

  • Most Fabulous HR Leader, 2020
  • Global Excellence in HR Leadership, 2018
  • HR Super Achiever, 2017

Other certifications and key competencies:

  • Six Sigma certified Black Belt champion
  • Skilled at writing effective research papers on HR
  • Experienced at ‘storytelling for business’ from HR perspective